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Banana Boating

Banana boating is another fun activity that you can try here. Up to 4 people with minimum age limit of 6 years old can join at once in it. They will ride an inflatable raft, which shape is quite similar to a giant banana, that is pulled by a speedboa. . . .

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Parasailing is a recreational sport activity that is known also in the name of parascending. In this activity, a person wears a special kind of parachute that is actually more proper to be called as parasail. The use of parasail like this is the one . . . .

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Jet Ski

Jet ski can be said to be a water vehicle that looks quite similar to motorcycle. It is not only in design but also in the fact that acceleration is included in it too. This vehicle can be operated by twisting the hand powered throttle in order to in. . . .

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